1 year later.

So it is Actually just over a year since moving I moved or arrived 9/7/14.

In that time lots has happened.

  • I got a job (part time)
  • Then I got a REAL job actually a freeking great jobafter a long time looking
  • Went to Stockholm a few times, and Gothenburg, Finland, and then up north
  • Wrote a bunch of crap posts on this blog  (posts)
  • It snowed, lots,
  • I started using English phrases more, it annoys and confuses people but I kinda think sometimes it’s worth it, it keeps up my English side
  • Still not learnt Swedish but I can hold half a conversation, best when done with another non Swede but still.
  • Got a dog (she says woof)
  • Managed to get a personnumber  1 2 3  AND driving licence 1 2
  • Bank account 1
  • Most things I missed I still miss
  • Visited medical people twice
  • Got told off for drinking too much coffee.

So it has been somewhat of a productive year.

This blog diminished which is dull but I’m still not sure how many people read this however work gets in the way, but I really should try and blog more. I think I will see if I can get some clearance from work to post a bit more about work things like the human claw etc

But that is all.. long live one more year.


Going North

Last week (lets say last week but it was 2 weeks ago)  was a trip up north. super north


now far north - this far north


though to be fair I flew and that was still 7 hours door to door


It was a big work job for a big company at a magical land called Piteå Havsbad, Imagine a Butlins meets center parks, wpid-20150518_195200.jpg


They have ipad controlled coffee


Either way at this time of year and that far north sunset never quite finishes.
this was midnight wpid-20150521_000017.jpg

this was 3am

wpid-20150522_030325.jpg wpid-20150522_030931.jpg

So when it comes to summer, real summer, I don’t know how I would cope, I did cover my hotel window with fabric to make it darker cause it was impossible to sleep.

Oh that water is the coast, over there somewhere is Finland

All in all it was a good trip I worked way too much but best not talk about that too much. But we did a gig for a big company who hired an eurovision guy, kinda a big deal and frankly a pretty cool band.

Weekend trip

We went on a wee trip this weekend gone, totally took a random road to see a castle that turned out to be having a medieval thing going on, we skipped that as it was a bit much, and there was the whole dog thing as well.

But we went to Söderköping and had a wonder round, it its a pretty small town. though it is a city because of historical things. –
Note – a city in Sweden is over 10000 people not just a cathedral like in England. ( though I think there are a few other factors in the uk now.

But its a small town, it has the canal that goes across Sweden, 390-km long that goes from the baltic to the north sea.

There is a couple of old churches and like all Swedish churches the bell tower is separate. I will have to find out why and post about it.

But this is a cool tower.



its all wooden shingle and looks like dragon skin. its pretty cool.


Next week I’m off to the north for work. Not QUITE the artic circle but pretty close. hopefully some tales will come.

Weekend drinking

This weekend we went off to see the avengers. Reasonable film.
But this last weekend or weekend before it was the real weekend post winter. So bars have been setting up for the summer and putting the outside areas up.  But regardless of weather swedes are out


Soaking wet   kinda cold but the swedes are out drinking .  But being pay day that’s pretty much OK.

Doctor time

A few weeks ago, maybe 4 weeks I ripped my finger nail, it was pretty nasty at the time, basically ripped the nail from the bed and the base across half the thumb , right now half my nail is dead.

Last week I got a cold and as with most colds i have it went to my nose and I started producing a sea of snot of phlegm.

I thought best go combine 2 sets of doctor requirements kinda makes sense to go see someone and get some tasty nose stuff and get my nail seen to.

The whole thing starts with calling up in essence NHS direct but not QUITE, and talking with a nurse who decides if I need to see a doctor, a nurse or no one, this is much like the Hospital time but not so urgent care.

But by magic I got an appointment the same day and job done,

Turn up and see them, and hand over my UK records, and 100kr ~£10, Still not super sure on that but it beats paying through the nose like in America. ‘course its the 1st time actually seeing someone so thought best I give them my medical history, Turns out my nose spray is over the counter here, I cant get budget paracetamol, I cant get sudafed in any strength, but i can get steroid nose spray.

The nail is a whole other thing, The nurse called in another nurse, who brought a friend (lets say another nurse) they all were suitably grossed out, but then they all decided the best thing was to call the doctor. Which brings me to my main question, why did I not see a doctor 1st,  I guess the main reason is that its not a medical doctory thing, and I guess in England i would probably be sent to the nurse after seeing the doctor anyways.

However the doctors solution was not to remove the nail which i would have arguably preferred, but almost the same as last time, dip in alcohol and warp, I am starting to think the Swedish medicine is the same as Russian, put vodka on it, job done.


So right now I guess this is going to become a form of “how my nail is growing” or right now its about a 2/75 chance of it being ripped off I think.

Final bit of Easter

Being really lax at posts lately but Easter in Sweden is full of candy

SHIT tonnes.


Yes that is a pallet of candy all for easter eggs.


These ones wpid-20150405_172211.jpg

These child stomach sized card eggs, ready to be filled with kilos of candy.


This is all.

Easter time

It’s Easter, you know its Easter because of this post, and then today one.


But in the last 24 hours a shit tonne of sticks with feathers,


tiny ones out side a house.



branded colours outside a shop

branded colours outside a shop

Tonnes outside the church

Tonnes outside the church



Easter tree


Because I am not doing so great at blogging the Swedish American has a good explanation to the sticks. They simply were used in the 1600’s to flog each other to symbolize christs suffering, and then they decided to think about not doing that in the 30’s and just put feathers on them to make them pretty to sell.


So kinda a photo post today, I think tomorrow I will finish up with some more Easter bits, like candy, and eggs. pretty much any holiday in Sweden is candy, eggs, meat and a rotation of how much of one.